Monday, October 6, 2014

Top Reasons Why Your Dog Should Have a Bed

The adage goes that sleeping dogs should lie. But, where do they lie is often a question asked? Many people let their dogs sleep in bed with them. This should be considered a huge pet owner faux pas. Dogs need their own beds. In fact, this is so important for the health and well being of your pet that this should not be considered optional. Having a good quality dog bed is essential for your dog.

Here is why:

Healthy Dogs Matter

If you want your dog to be the epitome of good health, you need to invest in dog beds. Along with a leash, a collar and a water bowl, dog beds are critical for their health. When a hound has a bed of his own, they have a restful place to sleep. They will have much-needed support for their back and joints. After a long day of playing and walking, dogs need a bed that aid restorative sleep. Much like humans, they need sleep to ensure that they are fit and well. Having a specially designed dog bed can help relax, thus keeping them fit and healthy. 

Insulating Your Pet

Your dog needs to ensure that they have a warm bed. Even in the height of summer, dogs need to be insulated. Pet beds provide this for your dog. Many dogs will make nests during the winter using jumpers and clothes. This is a bad habit that should be eradicated. Giving them their own bed is vital to keeping them warm. What is more, a warm bed will provide support and comfort to their joints. Dogs are prone to arthritis, like humans, so you need to keep them warm in their bed. 

Space: A Place to Call Your Own

Like people, dogs need a place to call their own. Having a dog bed installed into the home can provide this. They need a retreat if they are feeling grumpy or unwell. While it may be tempting to allow them to cuddle up to you consistently, this can make dogs feel unhappy. Giving them their own space is vital for their emotional well being. 

Prevention of Injuries

If your dog is a little more boisterous, having a bed can minimize the risk of injuries. If they jump on the sofa, they may fall off. This can hinder their development. Having a bed means that they have a quiet space to fall asleep on. What is more, it's important to their individual needs. Low-quality beds can impede on a dog's health. So, ensure that you buy the best quality for their health requirements. Your dog will be less prone to jumping on the furniture if they have their own bed. This reduces the risk of injuries and wear and tear on your dog’s joints. It also makes sure that your furniture is in a good state of repair too!

Giving your dog their own bed is fundamental to their development and growth. It is vital to their emotional well being too. Give your dog the best start with a dog bed. 

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