Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Feeding the Baby Cow

We had so much fun f3eeding the one day old baby cow at the Windsheimer's Dairy Farm.  They let my daughter named this cow which is  the sweetest thing.
My kids watched the cows eat their food.
 Some of them are a bit afraid, they backed  away as soon as we get near them.
 Melissa said that the cow knows the people that works in the farm so when they notice that the people aroound are someone they don't know, they are shy.
 This one here got scared of me lol.
I am so glad that the kids had the chance to  see what's going on in a Dairy Farm.


Diane said...

What a great experience for the kids. Al children should know about farm life. Have a good weekend Diane

Unknown said...

What a cool experience - made me remember about this film called Silver Spoon - hAHA!