Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Considering Buying a Dog? Health Care is Important Too!

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility. While a dog can enrich your life beyond all doubt, there are certain responsibilities and considerations before purchasing a pet that one must consider. Being a responsible pet owner should be at the forefront of ones mind before they purchase an animal and take them into their homes and hearts. While the notion of owning a pet is wonderful, it is important to realize that health care costs can be expensive. Food, as well as appropriate bedding and toys, are important but it is vital that one considers the importance of pet health care before purchasing a dog.

Dogs have particularly complex needs, and much like parenting there is no right or wrong way to handle your dogs well-being. There are general guidelines that all responsible pet owners should follow to ensure the health and wellbeing of their pet. For example, all dogs need a balanced diet. This includes a mix of dry and wet dog food as well as plentiful access to clean water throughout the day. Likewise, a dog should be walked at least twice a day. The length of the walk should be considered by the size of the dog. Should you have a larger breed of dog, then the walk will need to be considerably longer than that of a dog of a much smaller breed.

Exercise and diet is critical to a dogs well-being, but there are critical health care checks that need to be carried out to ensure that your pooch is being well cared for.

You need to check daily for any obvious signs of injury or discomfort. As our dogs love to explore they can be hurt along the way by a variety of things. A quick daily once over will ensure that any injuries incurred can be dealt with accordingly ensuring that your pet is not in pain. Should you discover that your dog is in pain, and the cause looks relatively minor, then you self diagnose online using a variety of animal welfare websites. Conversely, if you are unsure of what the problem if, take your dog to your local vet for a check up.

Importantly, you need to consider your animal’s health on an annual basis. Your dog should be taken to the vets on a yearly basis for a ‘health MOT’. Ask your vet for advice about vaccination, neutering, and parasite treatments. Likewise, a wide range of prescriptions can be purchased online via 365 Vet.

If you are still definite that you want to own a dog, then you need to take into consideration certain breeds will have certain health implications. some breeds has physical attributes that can cause suffering if left untreated, whilst others are prone to genetic illnesses. Do your research before buying a dog.

Remember, before you decide to purchase a dog, then you need to consider that certain breeds are subject to certain health and behavioural problems. While the breed is not a sole factor for their behavior, it is important to investigate how the dog has been reared and what environment it has been raised in. 

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