Saturday, February 15, 2014

Farewell Matilda

Two days before Valentine's day, our female rabbit, Matilda, died.  I was  so sick to my stomach when I found her  dead as he was fine the night before when I fed them.  Taking care of our bunnies and dogs are part of my daily routine when my kids are in school so it was a very sad moment for me.  

I am sad not just for me and my kids but  for the male rabbit, Wubzy, as well.  He won't have any company to play and cuddle with.  This is the  part of having pets that I don't like, when they die.  It hurts because you get  so attached to them that  when they  die, it feels like you  are losing a part of yourself as well.  I think that Wubzy was grieving the day  after she died because  he was  not his normal self, he barked/growled (or whatever you call the noise they make) when we tried to pet him.  He even  tried to attacked us but he is getting better now.  He  lets us pet him again.

Farewell Matilda, may you rest in peace.


April McGregor said...

So sorry for your loss sis. Pets are a part of the family as well and it is really sad when they are gone.

Nova said...

what causes of her death do you know? maybe she was sick? poor matilda she reminds me of the movie itself.

Dhemz said... sad...poor thing! I wonder how she died.

Dhemz said... sad...poor thing! I wonder how she died.