Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ruby & Champ #JackRusselTerrier #ToyFoxTerrier

About two years ago, my sister-in-law's Toy Fox Terrier, Ruby,   was in heat so she  ask if we could keep her for a while so  their male dog won't get her pregnant.  Our Jack Russel Terrier, Champ, is already fixed so  Ruby was safe from him.
I remember the first night, we had fun watching the short term romance of the two lol.
This was originally posted at my Etcetera Etcetera blog when I didn't have this blog yet.  I just want to repost the photos  which is in time for Valentine's day weee.


Ria C said...

Cutie pies! I want to hug you both and yes, you look like a good doggie couple. :)

FX777222999 said...

They're cute and lovely! I have a white cat and doggie here at the house.

Marie said...

Ooh, lovely Valentine couple! ang cute cute. So, it was a short term romance lang haha?

Diane said...

Love Jack Russels, my friends in S. Africa have them. Take care Diane