Monday, December 30, 2013

Wild Rabbit

I was doing my  morning jog at our neighborhood  when I spotted this baby bunny.  I stopped running, took out my cellphone and I zoomed in so I could take a photo of him.  Zooming  the camera in my cellphone did not do justice so I started advancing towards him very slowly.

Oh bunny, oh bunny 
please don't hop away.
I am just seconds away, 
oh bunny please stay..
I am almost there
I'll be so happy if you stay.
Yippeeee bunny baby
Thank you for posing for me.

I thank God for this beautiful day!
~Chubskulit Rose~


Ria C said...

Lovely little critter. I hope it hopped back to safety. :)

Franc said...

The bunny does love the camera.

Unknown said...

Ang cute! Camera friendly si bunny. ^_^ Nice capture sis.

Sofia said...

2 years ago we lived in Parker, CO (Denver suburb) and it was infested by bunnies!! There were bunnies everywhere!!

Nova said...

wild rabbits are always adorable since you can't hold them and they are so naive with people