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Friday, December 20, 2013

Training Your Dog Using e Collar

Dogs want to be a significant part of their owner's life. However, they do have bad habits, just like humans. Teaching a dog how to avoid bad behavior will keep them happier in knowing that their master is pleased. By using a proven method of stimulation control, training becomes simple and convenient.
Teaching a dog to stay within boundaries can be done by utilizing an invisible fence, but this type of method does little to control nuisance barking, failure to respond to calls, or jumping on people. By training your dog using an e collar, all of these problems can be addressed through different stimulation controls on a mounted collar. The owner is in control of how little or how much stimulation is needed.

Models come in a variety of distance ranges, up to a mile away. Dogs like to rummage in new territory and sometimes a master's voice is not enough to persuade them to return on command. With an e collar from a reputable company like Dogtra, a short stimulation of harmless vibration, will get their attention.

Raising a dog is a big responsibility and one that requires great time and effort. But once a dog is aware of the rules and what is expected, they can become an invaluable companion. Make training less intense for everyone involved by using a patented, proven method with the right tools.


kimmy said...

hmmm.. not much into dogs, I'm more of a 'cat-person'. anyways, i saw a movie once in which there was a dog with such a collar, i find it effective in controlling the barking and the whining..

April McGregor said...

My in-laws got a dog and they trained him real well. Maybe when we get a puppy I could use an e-collar.

mommy Peach said...

I don't have a dog so I don't really know how it functions.

jared's mum said...

raising dogs is so much like raising children + it sure is one great responsibility. it is a good thing products like this are available now to responsible dog owners to help them train their dogs better...