Saturday, October 19, 2013

Turtle and Praying Mantis Statues

Bellow are some critter statues that we saw at Pittsburgh Zoo from the previous years that we visited there.
They did a great job molding this giant turtle.  This turtle is looking so proud hehehe.

Also love this grasshopper who is standing tall at the entrance of the Kids Zoofari.

The praying mantis reminds me of the movie Flick.


Mel Cole said...

Those statues are so cool! Makes you think that you are tiny too.

Ria C said...

That is one giant grasshopper sis! :) I like the turtle more because it looked a bit real from a distance.

lencilicious said...

These are beautiful statues. If there are a lot of this around the zoo, it would be very good.

Unknown said...

Those are really cool statues. I think my little girl would freak when she sees that praying mantis statue.