Friday, September 27, 2013


These photos were taken  some five years ago when we visited Pittsburgh Zoo.  This tiger was chill-laxing in the water.

I wonder  what  the animals think when they are being contained in the zoo?  Sometimes, I feel like they feel like a prisoner although the zoo is  big, it is still not great compared to their  wild life.


Anonymous said...

I guess they are not quite like cats, he looks so relaxed.

Michelle Garrett said...

My kids and I had a similar conversation about animals in the zoo versus the wildlife a few months ago after our zoo visit.

AdinB said...

I wonder the same thing too, but then I realized some of them out in the wild are not dying from the natural cause, but my human activities like pooching or illegal hunting. :( How sad. Thank goodness the zoo is there to preserve and keep these animals from existing and not extinct for us and our kids to enjoy. Sad though they had to be contained, but most of these animals are rescued animals as well. Beautiful creature!

April McGregor said...

the beauty of this big cat is just marvelous!