Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Canadian Geese

The last time we went to Tomlinson Park, there were no  geese at all and we were happy because there were no poopies laying around the park.  Few weeks later, there  were so many of them, they're back!  Don't get me wrong, I like them because they are beautiful but  man, they drop bombs everywhere.

My kids tried to  be near them but they all  flew.

They are beautiful critters but they can also trash your yard.  No wonder , the park  discouraged visitors to  feed them.
I wonder if these geese ever lay eggs in the park.  Are their eggs even edible?  

I found this article from eHow that says:

"Canadian geese, properly known as Canada geese, are the second largest waterfowl in North America, with only the swan being bigger. Famous for their "V" formation as they fly about the countryside during forages for food and yearly migrations, the Canada goose family is made up of at least 11 subspecies. Native to North America, it has been successfully introduced to England and Scandinavia. It can be somewhat of a pest in urban areas since it has learned to adapt to living close to humans."


Unknown said...

I have this weird fear of birds. I like looking at them far a good distance but I don't ever wanna be near them. LOL

Peachy said...

I haven't seen that many geese!

AdinB said...

They are slowly migrating to a warmer weather. They are fun to watch though, but just like you said, you gotta be watchful where you step or you'll get a surprise. LOL! I haven't even tried eating their eggs. Bet not the best.

Unknown said...

... •./¸*.✿*
✿ .。.:*:。.。.:*:。 ✿
B ♥ E ♥ A ♥ U ♥ T ♥ I ♥ F ♥ U ♥ L

MzBaker said...

There was a park in Michigan we would go to and it always had these geese and ducks too. There was one that was literally the ugly duckling there poor guy had a hook stuck in his mouth and he just looked pitiful on top of being a weird ugly bird.