Wednesday, May 1, 2013

K9 Bootcamp

K9 Companions is the premier professional dog training and obedience service in the United States. Its K9 Bootcamp is run with positive reinforcement and motivation, so each dog maintains their individual spirit. For over 30 years, K9 Companions has trained the dogs of celebrities and everyone else to be happy, companions. K9 Bootcamp is a two to four week training period where the dog lives at the camp. The dogs and trainers work together so the dogs do not bond to any particular trainer. Owners can watch their dogs work without their dog knowing they are there and, later, they will work with their dog. Owners will be able to have several lessons throughout the year at no extra charge. 
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K9 Companions offers dedicated customer service so both dogs and owners have a good experience. Trainers will also follow-up in the home of the owner. Dogs will learn to stop at curbs and not run into the street, sleep in their own beds and other lessons that make having a dog in the house a pleasure. There are also problem solving and obedience courses for special issues with different breeds inside the house. K9 Companions can certify trainers through its dog trainer courses and certification. The course takes 240 hours and includes hands-on training in all aspects of dog training. This includes Kennel Technician, Dog Obedience, Detection, Competition and Service Dog Training. Students work with over 100 dogs of all breeds. There is book work, discussions, tests in the areas of dog behavior, temperament and psychology. 

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