Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Sunshine State

I think that the Sunshine State, Florida is a great place to live.  The weather is  beautiful and there are so many beaches to enjoy.  PGA Village in Port St Lucie is one beautiful place to  live in.  PGA Village Verano is a resort style community  with  luxurious amenities like  indoor pool, golf course,  fitness gym, and more.   This community is developed by Kolter Homes, a well established company that built many  beautiful homes in Florida.

 I wouldn't hesitate to say yes if my husband would ask me to live in Florida.  I have  been in two  different places  (Pensacola and Orlando)  and I love them both.  I remember when we went to Pensacola many years ago, I really  liked the house I've seen there.  I think, the only concern I would have if I am living  there is the   natural calamities that occurs every year.  But other than that, I would really love to live in Florida.  Just take a look at the photos above, who would be  there?


marie said...

This is very amazing sis I like the view very clear sky and nice I think I remember this place we headed to Miami we pass by this place Pensacola.maraming beaches ditto punta kayo.

Zimbabwe said...

Having never been to the USA I can't pass comment but the photos look great. Have a good week. Diane