Friday, October 3, 2014

Taiga Forest

The Taiga Forest in Pittsburgh Zoo is supposed to be the land of the  Amur leopard but we didn't see any when we visited.  
 We saw a bunch of gazelle instead which is kind of neat.
 Gazelle is one of the antelope species.  According to Wikipedia "The name gazelle comes from the Persian word Ghazal which means "elegant and quick". Six species are included in two genera, Eudorcas and Nanger, which were formerly considered subgenera. The genus Procapra has also been considered a subgenus of Gazella, and its members are also referred to as gazelles, though they are not dealt with in this article."
Aren't they pretty?

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Dhemz said...

I so agree! I've noticed that trying to get in shape kaso lagi na uudlot...wa! buti kapa sis...:)