Thursday, March 21, 2013

Basset Hound

This is Harley, one of my my brother-in-law's dogs. He is a basset hound, a very  gentle dog who love to  play with  people.  Whenever we are visiting them during summer time, he would always play with  me and the kids.  They have a Dog Grooming business at their  residence so often times, we would see different kinds of dogs in their shop.  Before they have Harley, they  had a basset hound  named  Flash.  He looked exactly like  Harley and was  as gentle as him  too.
They  adopted a mixed breed dog and they named him Rambo,  the said dog  is not  friendly at all.  He would attack people if he gets loose.  One time, he got out from the fence and bit one of their  guests.  They did not want to get rid of Rambo so they decided to  enroll him in one of the dog training schools to address his obedience and manner issues.  My brother -in-law said that  Rambo is improving now ever since they have  enrolled him to obedience classes.

Speaking of training schools for dog, I have stumbled upon  K-9 Companion online.  K-9 Companions is a perfect place   to  send your dog for a boot camp.  This place does not only offers training for dogs but also offers  training for humans who would like to learn how to become a dog trainer.  They have been  in the business for 34 years so they  have  established the  most effective training that both dogs and human needs.  So if you are having  an issue with your pet, check the K-9 Companions as  they  might be the  answer to your problem.  

I am so glad that we never had any problem with our dogs.  They are both so loving and very good with people.  Our Jack Russel is very smart and our other  dog, Bolt is  very loving.  Both of them   have different characteristics which we all love!


Nova said...

i have no clue about dogs and their kinds but i am sure they are fun to be with...thanks for sharing

cassandrasminicorner said...

I like Harley, he is so cute! Our daughter is always wanted to have a dog. A basset hound is perfect for our kids.

Unknown said...

What a cute pup! I have always heard bassit hounds make good dogs for families!