Thursday, February 28, 2013

Smoking Affect Pets Too

I am so glad that my husband has a very  strong will power to stop smoking.  He said that he used to smoke and drink in his early 20's but realized that it is affecting his  health so one day, he decided to quit and he did.  He said that growing up, he was always sickly, always have clogged nose and sinus infections and he could never understand why.  But now he  knows that it was because  somebody in their house  was smoking  a lot that it was affecting his health.  

Smoking does not only affect the other people that is around you but also affect your pets and even the   smells of your home.  It;s a sad reality that most  smokers does not realize.  I understand that quitting  is hard to do especially if you  got addicted to it already but if you seek the help of others or a professional, YOU can do it!  It will not only  help improve your  way of living but you are also  helping your love ones to have a healthy life.  

The reason why, I am not fond of smokers because as soon as I smell cigarette smoke, it triggers my migraine.  I am so glad that my husband does not smoke  anymore.

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