Wednesday, November 12, 2014

African Lion

We love watching National Geographic on TV.  You can learn so much about animals  and then when you go to the zoo, it always reminds you of what  you have seen on TV. 
I took some photos of this African Lion when we visited  the Pittsburgh Zoo this year.  My kids were still little when we visited  there the last time.  Now that they are bigger, they appreciated it everything a lot more.  Plus, we don't have to carry them lol.
 This  lion was just relaxing on his den.  He was kind of  hiding  away from  all the people but I am glad I brought my other lens that day and I was able to capture  him from afar.
I think, lions and tigers are the scariest animals.  They are strong and fast.
 According to  National Geographic, lions are only cats that live in groups and they are called pride.  I only see two  lions in Pittsburgh Zoo.  I imagine that they get lonely not seeing many of them.
Look how sad his eyes are.

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Rhodesia said...

I think any captive animal has sad eyes. It is so unnatural for them. I hope that most of the zoos only have rescued animals that would not be able to live in the wild anyway. With the amount of hunting going on and unnecessary killing of lions, leopards rhinos and elephants the world will soon be a very sad place! Have a good week Diane