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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Rabbit House for our Four Lion Head Bunnies

When we got  the two lion head bunnies back in  January, we didn't anticipate that we will have new babies five weeks after that, whew.  Pippin (our doe bunny)  actually had four kits but two did not survived.  
I am not sure if it was the first time  she gave birth but we assumed  it was because  she seemed to not know  what to do.  She took care of them really good though and we did what we can to help  her out.  We named the two that lived, Lilo and Stitch.  A month after giving birth to the first babies, she got pregnant again and gave birth to two kits but they unfortunately died.
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Since we have four now, we thought it would be  appropriate to make them a proper house .  My husband and daughter  built a new house for them.
We used to have two bunnies at the old house  so we also built them a house but it was smaller than this one that they newly built.  We tore it down when our bunnies died and  thought we will never have bunnies again because losing them was painful.  However, when we saw the lion heads, we couldn't resist.
The good thing is, these two love doing projects together so a house for them isn't a problem\.  It is just a little challenging to keep them inside during the winter but  our basement is  pretty big so they will have room.
It took a while before the project got done but it eventually got finished.
We couldn't figured out what to put underneath at first so I  used  some cardboard to trap all their waste.  Then we went to Home Depot and found some of these Utility tubs and thought it was  a perfect size  to  put under their shelters.
The cedar wood chips  helps in killing the odor of the  urine and  poop.
So now, cleaning their  waste is  easier with those  utility  tubs in there.
We used a thick  plywood for the roofing because  we didn't have  shingles.  We treated it  so that when it rains, the water  will roll off.  Whenever there's a storm, we  put a tarp over it so they won't get wet.  Now that our fence project is almost finished, we let them run around inside the backyard which they love.  They also love to nibble on my vegetable garden lol.

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