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Thursday, July 21, 2016

How To Make The Most Of #PuppyTraining Classes

If you’ve got a new puppy, you may have already decided that they need training and obedience classes. Puppies are balls of boundless energy, and they need to learn how to behave and control their exuberance. It’s fun to play with puppies. But it’s not so amusing when you come home to scenes of carnage. Are you eager to keep your sofa intact and your slippers in one piece? If so, here are some tips to make sure you get the best out of puppy training classes.

Register early
Puppies can start training and obedience classes once they’ve had their immunizations. In some cases, you may find that sessions get booked up in advance, so register early. If you’re not sure which classes to attend, ask friends or colleagues for recommendations. It’s likely that your vet will be able to make suggestions too.

Lay the foundations
Training should start long before your pup bounds into their first session. Start basic training as soon as you bring your puppy home. Be strict, but fair. It’s important that they know the boundaries, and that they gain respect for you. Start with simple commands like ‘sit’ and ‘wait’. Encourage them, and give them a reward, such as a chew, when they display good behavior. If your puppy is used to authority, they will respond well to classes. If they’ve been allowed to rule the roost for weeks beforehand, they may struggle to adjust.

Stick with it
If you’ve signed up for a course, make sure you attend all the sessions. There’s no point in going to the first class, and then having a few weeks off. Puppies need consistency.

Use your trainer’s advice at home
It’s essential to reinforce your trainer’s actions and requests at home. Your puppy may behave well during the session. But if they’re allowed to do anything they want at home, they’re likely to exploit this freedom. Practice commands and exercises with your pup when you’re out for walks or he’s waiting for dinner. You can also continue training between sessions with dog training online. Practice makes perfect. If you keep going over the drills, your pup will pick them up in no time at all, and you’ll notice changes immediately. Always reward good behavior. When you’ve finished your sessions, continue training at home. Don’t let things slide just because you’re no longer attending lessons.

Ask for advice
If you’re struggling at home, don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Contact your vet, or have a word with your dog trainer after the session. There may be additional exercises you can try or different ways of addressing your pup.

Encourage exercise
Between sessions, make sure you keep your puppy busy. Pups tend to stray off the straight and narrow when they get bored. Play with them, take them for regular walks and show them love and affection. If you go out, make sure they have plenty of toys to keep them occupied.

Puppy training classes are fantastic for taming unruly pups and teaching puppies to interact with other dogs. If you have a new member of the family, follow these tips to ensure you make the most of training sessions. Hopefully, you’ll have a perfectly behaved pooch before you know it!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Use These Fantastic Hacks to Look After Your Pet

You need to think about the best ways of looking after your pets. There are so many things they are at risk from these days. And you need to make sure you do what you can to protect your animals as much as possible. These are some ideas to help you do that.
When. It comes to protecting your pets one of the best things you can do is to fit them with a collar. You can get your address printed on the collar, so people know who the owner is. Another advantage of collars is you can get them chipped. That way you’ll have the means to track your animal if it goes missing. This is an important way of protecting against theft, as well as ensuring your cat gets returned to you if it goes missing.

We all know that we can buy vitamins to take ourselves, and how beneficial these are. But, did you know you can also get vitamins for cats?! Yes, you read that right! If you want to buy vitamins for cats you only use need to look online, or visit a pet store. This is an important addition to your any pet’s diet and daily intake. It’s the best way of making sure they get the valuable nutrients their body needs. Vitamins are important for development and growth, as well as helping your animal become strong and healthy.
There will come times when your pet might be unwell, and this will warrant a trip to the vets. The vet is there to make sure your pet is as healthy as it can be. Animals have no way of telling you they're unwell; they have to show you. You need to know the common health problems to look out for in dogs and cats. Once you get to know your pet well enough, you’ll be able to tell when something is wrong. This means you have to make sure you get them to the vets at the first sign of trouble. The worst thing you can do in these situations is leave it and risk things getting worse. Regular visits to the vet will keep your feline fit and healthy, and any problems can be caught as early as possible.
Be Careful
You need to be careful with your pets as much as you can. This means that you need to make sure the home and garden present a safe environment for them. You also need to make sure you keep an eye out for if they are wandering in the streets, etc. The more vigilant and careful you can be the safer you will keep your pet. Too many pet owners are neglectful and don't take the time to look after their animals properly. You need to make this a priority if you a want to be sure your pet is as well looked after as possible.
So, you need to make sure you put measures like this in place to help you. Come up with as many ideas as you can to help you protect them from harm and keep them safe. This is important for your peace of mind and helping you enjoy a lot of happy years with your animals.  

Monday, June 13, 2016

Man's Bestfriend: Champ and Bolt are Our Family's Bestfriends

Pets are a big part of the family so when you make big changes in your life, decisions involve them too.  We contemplated on  giving our fur babies for adoption  since the new home that we bought does not have a fence but we decided to keep them.  We couldn't bear the thought of waking  up without their tails wagging and always  readyto greet us.  The solution would be is to put  up a fence to the new home.
Our pets are the reason why we put  fences around our  current house.  So even though it would cost us money to put fence again on the new home, we will do it for them.  Our dogs are not trained to  just sit  without  running away so we have to use chain  to keep them but since we don't want to do that, a fence is needed so they can run around  in our backyard freely.  
 Our dog Bolt is such a character.  When I ask my kids to pose for me, Bolt is there posing with them.  He loves to be in front of the camera.
 These photos are just some of the many instances where they love to be around when I want to take pictures of the kids.
 They are always my daughter's photo buddies.
 Bolt is big  but he loves to cuddle.  When we are all sitting in the  ccouch, he would always  come and  sit by us.  
 Our lives would not be the same without them.
 So even though they  are sometimes an inconvenience especially wqhen we travel, it's worth all the hassle we go through because they bring us  smiles.
 They are the moist loyal individuals, mostly loyal than  many people I now.
 So Bolt and Champ, you are staying with us, no matter what.  I apologize that we even thought of putting you guys  for adoption but glad we didn't.
 So enjoy your stay and I hope that we could be  together for a very long time.
 Champ, I know that you don't like  Veterinary visit but  it is that time again, Friday will be you and your brother's  annual vaccination. 
 Champ is my gardening buddy when the kids are in school.  He keep me company when I am gardeing, trying to  give his ball for me to fetch.  He love to play.
 Bolt is a big fan of his sister.
 Funny when she is in school, BOlt  stays in her bedroom.
 So for these two, we have so many memories to make ahead on our new home.
Champ and Bolt are Our Family's Bestfriends.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Unmissable Checklist For A Dog Walk!

Going for a dog walk is a great way to give your dog some exercise and fresh air. It also means you get some exercise in your life and you will grow a close bond with your canine buddy. Here is our unmissable checklist for a successful dog walk.

Make sure you have a toy

You need to make sure you take a dog toy along with you when you go for a dog walk. They can often get bored if you want to stop and rest for a few moments on a bench. By taking your dog’s favorite chew toy along, they will sit happily for a few moments. It’s also a good idea to take some toy you can throw easily so they can run and get it for you. A frisbee is a popular choice and will be fun for you and your pooch. Just make sure you don’t drop the toy and lose it while you are out on the walk.

Ensure they have had flea treatment

Another thing you need to do before going on a dog walk is to ensure your dog has had flea treatment recently. When you take your dog out, they are likely to go places where other dogs may have been. If they have fleas, they are likely to have left some behind meaning your dog could become infested. It can particularly be bad during the summer months as fleas thrive in heat. You can get some treatments such as comfortis which will kill fleas and stop any arriving for the next month. It will mean you can take them for a walk without worrying about them picking up fleas. Here are some other health problems you should look out for.

Pack some poop bags

It’s highly likely that your dog will decide it’s time to go to the toilet when you’re out on your walk. Therefore, you need to ensure you pack some poop bags in your bag so that you can clean up the mess if it’s done on one of your neighbors gardens. You can get poop bags online or in stores. You still need to check in some parks and woodland areas if you need to move the poop. You could receive a fine in some areas if you do leave it there without cleaning it.

Take a water bottle

Another thing you need to take with you on a dog walk is a water bottle. If your dog gets tired while you’re out on the walk, you can stop and provide them with some water to stop them from getting dehydrated. It’s essential if it’s going to be a hot day as it will stop them from getting poorly.

Plan it in advance

You need to ensure you plan where you are planning to go with your dog on the walk before you head off. You don’t want to end up getting lost while on the walk. Also, if you end up going too far, you will end up carrying your pup back home. You should also check the weather to make sure it’s not going to rain while you are out.

You need to make sure you follow this checklist so that the walk goes smoothly.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Common Health Problems In Dogs To Look Out For

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ll know exactly why people call them man’s best friend. They’re always happy to see you, and unlike cats will stick with you for a lifetime! Like any pet though, dogs go through a range of health problems in their life. If you want your pooch to be as happy and comfortable as possible, then here are some common health problems to be aware of.

First of all, heartworms. I don’t want to alarm you, but this is one of the more serious conditions a dog can get. Heartworm larvae enter the dog through a mosquito bite, so it can be hard to detect. Once infected, the larvae can develop into massive worms, causing all kinds of pain and potentially death for your pet. The symptoms include lethargy and coughing. Some dogs have even shown depression; not reacting to their owners coming home and moping around the house. You can reduce your dog’s chances of getting heartworm in the first place by using mosquito-repellent medication, such as K9 Advantix ii. However, if they start to show these symptoms, take them to a vet as soon as possible.

Another common problem with dogs is obesity. This isn’t something which people usually associate with dogs, but it’s a very real health risk which you need to be aware of. Just like in humans, obesity can up the risk of many serious health issues in canines. If your dog is overweight, then it will have an increased risk of liver disease, diabetes, and joint pain. There’s an easy way to check if your dog’s a healthy weight or not. You should be able to run your hand along its back and feel its spine without having to press down. There should also be a visible waist between the lower ribs and back legs. Like the disease, we share the solution with our pets. Talk to your vet about a healthier food and exercise plan. Sites like Dog Food Advisor can be a big help in finding low-fat brands.
Finally, kennel cough. Don’t let the cutesy name fool you. What some people call “kennel cough” is a highly infectious kind of bronchitis. It causes inflammation of your dog’s voice box and windpipe, and is characterised by strange wheezing and coughing. It’s almost always caught from other dogs after stays in a kennel, hence the nickname. Your vet might be able to give you some antibiotics, but usually the condition will subside after it’s run its course. Although it’s not usually serious, kennel cough is extremely unpleasant for the dog. To reduce your chances, try to find a private dog sitter rather than sending your pet to the kennel. The longer your dog spends around its own kind, the higher the risk is of it catching kennel cough.
Keep an eye out for these three conditions in your dog. It can be tough to watch your furry friend suffer. However, preventative measures and a cautious attitude will keep this to a minimum.